Step 6.  Plant a large mixture of diverse plant material onto your property

Step 6.  Plant a large mixture of diverse plant material onto your property

Step 6.  Plant a large mixture of diverse plant material onto your property

My favorite self imposed organic rule is the greater the mixture, the greater the results. My growing experiences have taught me this is an important principal to follow.  Here are a few of my recommendations that have worked for me and my customers. A large mixture of diverse plant material will attract a large mixture of beneficial insects and beneficial predators to reduce insect and disease problems. Diversity is nature’s way of creating a balance.

Grow your plants organically and do not apply any sprays that will reduce beneficial insects from being attracted to your property. Invest money in buying plants that attract Beneficial’s to your yard.  Add bird baths to your garden to attract birds as well as berried plants that they feed on. Add nectar plants to attract humming birds. A diverse garden attracts a diverse mixture of beneficial predators. In nature the good guys usually outnumber the bad guys.

When we get into trouble, is when we use toxic sprays to achieve control whenever we see a problem.  Organic gardeners and farmers have proved that they get better control growing plants organically than the large producers get by pouring thousands of dollars into spray controls. A robust healthy plant removes more greenhouse gases than a weak spindly one.

Homeowners need to concentrate on planting as much plant material on their property as they can. The more plants they have, the more beautiful and interesting their property will look. More importantly the more plants we grow organically, the more CO2 we will be extracted from our air. This is key strategy in combating global warming. You will find if you become an advent gardener and fill every nook of your property with plants; you will enjoy your property much more and you and your family will be happier people. It is a proven fact that plants make people happy. When we walk through our garden, excitement and a smile comes to us, when an old perennial friend comes into bloom to greet us we are thrilled.  On a hot day we will gravitate to the shade under a tree. When a humming bird visits your garden to grab a little bit of sweet nectar, we marvel at the dexterity of this small bird. Each plant has its own personality and we have to be in awe of its creation.

When we view our flower garden, we are in admiration how much each different plant adds to the beauty of it. We appreciate diversity instead of feeling prejudice.  There are many factors that make life interesting and make us happy when we are surrounded with a large diversity of plant material. This reminds me of what always has made America so great.

A large diversity of plant material is beneficial to an organic soil. Different exudates’ provide a wide diversity of food for the microbiology within the soil. We need to understand that removal of CO2 is not only based on the number of plants but on the intensity of microbial life in the soil. A healthy organic soil with an active food web will draw more CO2 from the air. It is this intensity along with more plants that can help close the gap and reverse global warming. Each of us can play a role and make a difference.

We look at cities and say they are part of the problem.  They have stripped nature and covered it with brick mortar, stone and lots of impervious surfaces. But this is where the population is, where the action is and where most of our people live. The facts are that on average most cities have a large amount of plants to remove CO2.   There are large apartment houses with terraces where people grow plants. This is a vertical vegetation display of plants reaching high into the sky. If all of these plants are grown organically, they will remove carbon dioxide from the air. Roof gardens and terrace gardens are gaining in popularity also playing into the same scenario.

Cities are filled with recreational areas to walk, run, bike and play. Buildings, walks and islands in the middle of roads are filled with pockets of soil. Filling them with plants beautifies the city. Beautification can play an important role in filling our cities with plants. Many cities have large parks to satisfy the needs of its citizens. We need to have creative landscape designers to design these parks so that they not only meet the recreational needs of the community but also allow people to garden and grow their own food. If we can develop peripheral areas to rent out small plots to grow organic vegetables and foreground these areas with beautiful flower beds we will have both a beautiful and productive area of the park. For families below the poverty line we could forego the rental charge.

Cities with a large population of concerned people can organize and play a role in reducing greenhouse gases by making sure no piece of land is left unplanted.  They can make sure the plants are grown organically so nature can do her job of CO2 removal. Every little bit helps.

Suburbia has lots of cultivatable land and lots of people, so it must also step up to the task at hand. Ladybird Johnson’s drive to’ Beautify America’ has created great awareness where towns compete with each other for the most beautiful floral displays that leave their citizens happy and proud. Homeowners must also fill their properties with things they love to grow.  It can be grass, vegetables, flowers, trees, shrubs, ground covers or any other plant material they desire. What is important is to grow it organically and to cover every part of our property with plant material.

In the country side we have large pieces of land in relation to our homes. Intensified heavy plantings may economically be more difficult and require more of your time. Do whatever you can but make sure you follow a natural organic method. Nature will always try to cover land on its own.  It is when we mess with it that we leave it bare. Once we start working with nature we will become part of her way of thinking. I have found that people who live in and love the country love and respect nature.   But they too must take care of their soil organically and learn to plant more plants on their properties. They need to learn to garden and be part of the earth’s reforestation.  We all have a role to play to make a difference.

The importance is to always follow an organic approach and do not poison our soils.  Fill properties with a large mixture of plant material.  Enjoy its beauty and feel good that you are helping to reduce the carbon in our air. There has to be a feeling of urgency throughout the country and the world, in that we all have to do our part.  It is extremely important that people become motivated and follow their heart.  It is equally important that we incorporate enough plants so plants can do their part.