The leaves on trees are turning color creating a panoramic view that inspires us to take long rides to view their display. The beginning of the fall season is always an exhilarating event. Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year.  Steinbeck said fall colors are the most beautiful in the northeast. There is nothing more beautiful than a tree. They come in many different sizes, types and shapes. Each one has their own distinct characteristics and in a forest they have learned to live together.  


Nature provides forests for us to view. Take a walk with your family through a forest slowly for it can be one of the most calming experiences to enjoy. When you do it hug a tree for a long time and feel the power of earthing entering your body. Remember everything in Nature is connected. When you are part of a forest you also will become connected. Connect to the calming feeling that Nature’s vibes can create for you. See how Nature takes care of its own problems by covering bare earth with leaves from its trees. Observe how ground cover plant material springs forth to cover empty spots.  


While you are there thank the trees for all the CO2 they are pulling out of the air. A forest filled with many types of trees is an interesting place and if you are not on marked trails, make sure you bring a compass with you. There are healing experiences that take place in a forest. Pure air, positive vibes, calming sounds as the breezes rustle the leaves and as Nature provides you with different plant material and occasional animal life to cross your path. Stress subsides when you walk in a forest. There are so many things to distract your mind. Water flows by gravity creating small streams and sometimes rivers. Take it all in. Nature is filled with thousands of miracles and life lessons. Take some time to analyze Nature’s ways and learn to understand the incredible system that supports life on our earth. Let Mother Nature teach you some motherly lessons.  


There is no good definition for a tree because a tree has so many faces and so many uses.  It is a part of our everyday life that we take for granted. At this time of the year, a forest of trees causes an incredible panoramic view that inspires us all. Our son lives in the Berkshires and always says this is the season for the leaf peepers to come out in droves. We all have trees on our property and we all love our trees. They are a valuable asset to our lives and provide us with many good things.  


“Tree People” list 22 benefits of trees. Trees combat climate change, clean air, provide oxygen, cool streets, conserve energy, save water, prevent water pollution, prevent erosion, shield children from ultra-violet rays, provide food, heal, mark the seasons and create economic opportunities, They are teachers and playmates, bring diverse groups together, add unity, provide a canopy and habit for wildlife, block things, provide wood, increase property values and increase business values.  This is just a small list of what trees do for us and a comprehensive list could go on forever. My focus is on the Horticultural end and Environmental benefits. Many of which have already been mentioned but which I would like to add too.  In my upcoming Book “12 Steps To Reverse Global Warming” I refer to the dire need to cover bare ground. At this time of the year in our forests Nature is busy at covering the bare ground with falling leaves.


They provide a cover preventing carbon form entering the atmosphere which would cause CO2 to enter and   pollute our air, fallen leaves hold moisture in the ground to sustain life and they slowly break down through the course of a season to add carbon and life to the soil. When you look at Nature and start to analyze it, it is an amazing self sustaining system that takes place. Everything in Nature is connected.  The forests are self sustaining. We do not water them two times a week. Whatever rain Nature provides, is what they have to live on. Trees Adapt to the many environments on our earth. Where water is limited their roots go deeper into the ground to find water.   


Horticulturaly trees provide shade that benefits many species of plants. Their shade slows down transpiration. When we shop for plants to add to our garden, we shop for shade loving plants or sun loving plants.


As the fall colors fade, the leaves will begin to drop. Save your leaves and compost them. As kids my father would make us go out into the woods and collect leaf mold to add to his soil mix. He called leaf mold Black Gold. The strength of any plant is in the soil it is grown in. Strong root systems are what sustain plants.


I am a strong believer that all planting beds need to be conditioned with a large mixture of organic products. Once you have a rich organic soil, you will build up a thriving food web. Once you have an active food web, you do not disturb it. Feed from the top down. You have developed a self sustaining system which you do not want to disturb. 

Leaves can also be ground up as they fall with mulching mowers. The fine particles can be raked into the lawn adding much needed carbon to the soil or gathered and used as mulch on your beds.  

Organic lawns are your best lawns.   Nature provides you with a great product, don’t get rid of it; use it to your advantage.


When my grandson Tyler was first born I would visit them in California. Holding him in my arms I would walk out the front door and this beautiful Birch tree beautified their property. I would say to him over and over again Birch tree. The first words he uttered was Birch I became known there after as Grandpa Birch.


Your trees are part of your property and have become a part of you. They are part of your family so let them contribute to your well being. There is nothing more beautiful than a tree.  Thank a tree for the many contributions it makes to your life