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Product Spotlight

Felco Pruners

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Felco pruners are world famous. Once you’ve tried a Felco pruner there is no going back. It will become a family heir-loom. Felco garden tools are the top of the line.

Smooth, tight action. Quality you can feel. Awesome cutting power and precision is in your control when you pick up one of these incredibly durable pruners.

Felco pruners are of such high quality that we are proud to offer an exclusive life-time limited warranty on every Felco garden tool we sell. This warranty applies only to Felco Store customers and only to products purchased from the Felco Store.

To make it easy to be sure which Felco pruning shear is the right one for you, we made this handy Felco pruners comparison chart.

All pruners have two blades. One is very sharp and is known as the cutting blade. The other is not sharp and is called the anvil blade or hook.

There are two types of Felco pruners: bypass pruners and anvil pruners. All but one Felco model are bypass pruners – the cutting and anvil blade pass each other like the blades of scissors to cut. Anvil pruners cut by pressing the cutting blade onto the anvil – like a knife on a cutting board.

Three models of Felco pruner have the anvil blade attached by rivets for maximum strength. There’s the original Felco 2: extremely durable and very popular. The riveted anvil blade makes it very strong. The Felco 4 is a stripped-down version, perfect for working around strong chemicals or in situations where loss is a problem. The anvils of Felco 2 and 4 can be replaced if the rivets are drilled out and then replaced. The Felco 5 is all steel for extra strength when weight is not a factor; it also has a permanently attached anvil blade that cannot be replaced.

The rest of the Felco pruners have the anvil blade attached to the handle by screws so it is easier to replace. For smaller hands and tighter cutting areas the Felco 6 is perfect. The model 7 is the ultimate modern Felco ergonomic design with a rotating handle to reduce stress during extreme repetitive work. Don’t want the rotating handle, but like the ergonomics of the Felco 7 – then the model 8 is for you! The model 9 is a mirror-image left-handed version of the Felco 8, and the model 10 is the reverse, left hand Felco 7. The Felco model 11 is the same design as model 2, but it has a screw on anvil blade, sacrificing a little strength to gain easy anvil replacement for situations when anvil damage is more likely – wood containing nails or wires usually.

Take the model 6 and give it the rotating handle from the model 7 and you get the Felco 12 – stress relief for small hands or tight spaces. The most powerful Felco pruner – the model 13 has an ergonomic slant, an enlarged cutting head, powerful spring and longer handles to allow a two handed grip. It gives you extra power without having to switch to a lopper.

For cutting dead or dry wood the Felco 31 anvil pruner is best for the job. The Felco 100 rose pruner has cut-and-hold attachments that grab thorny branches and hold them tight. For ultra-low weight the Felco 160S and 160L cannot be beat. Both have high strength fiberglass handles. The 160S is for smaller hands and and the 160L for medium to large hands.

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