Instructional Videos

Instructional Videos

Purchase Our Specially Priced Instructional Package

This package includes the following complete instructions to build a Year Round Greenhouse

  1. “12 steps to Natural Gardening” my 336 page book containing the following:

    • The formula of ingredients for the preparation of an organic vegetable garden.
    • The formula for the preparation of a planting bed to create the beautiful flower display.
    • Chapter on composting.
    • Chapter on deer resistant plants.
    • This is an indispensable reference book for residential organic gardening selling for $29.95.
  2. 12 steps to Natural Gardening Calendar. This will tell you what to apply each month to your organic garden and sells for $6.95.
  3. 32 minute instructional video showing you step by step how to build this structure.
  4. 16 step written instructional booklet explaining in detail how to build this structure. This includes a list of materials.  It also includes a master list of products needed for the whole project.  This list will make estimating, bidding and purchasing easy.

Retail Value: $60

This is a concept based on solar and compost energy to fuel the heat for winter production. This animal proof, attractive structure is faced with a beautiful flower garden that not only beautifies the entrance and surrounding area, but adds beneficial insects to the site.

The structure can be built by anyone who is handy. There are no special skills required. The complete detailed instructional pamphlet will make building it easy. It is a great project for a school with over 100 lessons to be learned.

If we can get the youth of our country thinking how we can harness energy from Mother Nature, we won’t have to fight wars over oil. Mother Nature can create enough energy for us all. Mother Nature can teach us lessons that we cannot learn from books.

To purchase your very own copy, click here to purchase a DVD Hardcopy or Digital Download Package from our online store.

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