Hard Copy – Year Round Greenhouse Instructional Video and Book Package


Product Description

Krautter’s Year Round Organic Vegetable Garden is an off-grid greenhouse structure that harnesses solar, compost and thermal energy.

It was tested through the very cold New York winter of 2014-2015 and yielded incredible results. We were successfully able to grow organic vegetables all 12 moths of year. The energy harnessed is a free byproduct of the structure making it a self sustaining year round garden existing 100% off the grid.   

Purchase of the instructional video and accompanying instructional pamphlet will include a free copy of Al Krautter’s critically acclaimed book “12 Steps To Natural Gardening” and the 2016 “12 Steps To Natural Gardening Calendar”

    Your purchase includes a Hard Copy of each of the following:

  • Year Round Greenhouse Instructional Video
  • Year Round Greenhouse Instructional pamphlet
  • 2016 Garden Calendar
  • 12 Steps To Natural Gardening book